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Different Kinds of Massages for your Specific Relief Seeking Needs

Choosing from a wide number of massage therapies would be a daunting task for most people. You should be rest assured to be spoilt for choices. Having so many options at your behest, you would have difficulty making the right decision. You should be rest assured that choosing the right massage therapy is not about your preference for light or deep pressure, it would also be dependent on your existing physical and health condition.

Therefore, how would you know which massage therapy technique has been deemed best for your overall health concerns. Find below few important aspects to consider when choosing the best kind of massage therapy suitable to your specific needs.

Swedish massage

It has been deemed best for relieving stress and relaxing your body.

Swedish massage is most common form of massage therapy. It has been specifically designed for warming the muscle tissue for releasing toxins, soreness and tension. Using longer and slower strokes with hands and forearms, the masseur would be providing you with adequate relief. The massage would be relaxing and perfect for people who never experienced massage before.

Hot stone massage

It would be recommended for easing of muscle tension without need for deep pressure.

Despite the hot stone massage appearing therapeutic, the hot stones serve clinical purpose. The shape of stones would help the therapist make use of special techniques for delivering enhanced therapeutic benefits. They would use rounded edge stones for relaxing the tissue between muscles and bone. The heat would be transferred on to your body through the stones enabling the therapist to work in an effective manner.

Deep tissue massage

The massage has been deemed best for chronically painful or tight muscles, postural problems, repetitive strains and recovering from injury.

The deep tissue massage would be combination of several techniques. It would be used for increasing the level of pressure applicable to the body. It would be often done with forearm or elbow for helping relieve the pressure into the tissue.

Trigger point work

It would be deemed best for localized knots where the body would be holding most tension.

The trigger point would be designed into getting those little knots by usage of thumb, elbow or knuckle. In addition, static pressure would be applied to those specific points. The therapist would be feeling the knot and detect the loosening up. They are specifically trained by Spa qu├ębec to understand the kind of muscle, when it is strained and when it is normal.

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