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Get Rid of Belly Fat and Live an Extended Healthy Life

You may consider fat in your various body parts as just “fat”. But surprisingly it’s not so. This means not all body fat is created equal.

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For example, subcutaneous fat, i.e. fat that gathers beneath the skin, is much less dangerous to our health, or not dangerous at all.

However, belly fat or fat around the midsection, which is also known as abdominal fat or visceral fat is certain harmful to health. It also promotes the aging process.

What is Visceral Fat?

Visceral fat is the body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity, around the internal organ (viscera) and it has some distinctly harmful effects on health.

For example, the waist to hip ratio in older women is positively and strongly connected to mortality in a dose-response manner and is a more prominent marker of health risks and mortality than body mass index.

Visceral fat is also a noticeable risk factor for prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. It is also a powerful predictor of heart disease in men.

The potential source for all these risks is that belly fat promotes insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. It is well-known that visceral fat brings health risks.

Visceral fat and Aging

Abdominal obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes together form perhaps the strongest pro-aging combination around.

A general feature of life-extension interventions is that they reduce visceral fat. For example, calorie control, the most effective life-extension procedure, causes much lower levels of visceral fat.

How essential is this decrease in visceral fat to the results of calorie control? Can a decrease in visceral fat alone increase lifespan?

When visceral fat in animals was surgically removed, they lived longer.

Although they didn’t live as long as calorie-controlled animals, they lived longer than ad lib fed animals, proving that a decrease in visceral fat could be an important part of calorie control and its anti-aging effects.

Actually, some researchers believe that a decrease in visceral fat is the major reason that calorie control extends lifespan.

Reduction or removal of visceral fat also improves insulin sensitivity.

Until recently, fat was considered to be only an inert storage material. It’s now been seen that fat creates hormones and cytokines, which play an important role in one’s health.

Increased belly fat upsets metabolism and elevates health risks through these cytokines and hormones.

Restriction on methionine also remarkably extends lifespan. The reason of this is not known. However surprisingly, it has been observed that methionine-restricted animals have much less visceral fat.

And this is not due to eating less food, but only due to methionine restriction. The reduction in visceral fat causes insulin sensitivity equal to young animals.

Men and Belly Fat

Men tend more to have belly fat than women. This happens due to the hormones in the two genders. Thus men gather fats in their belly, sides and lower back.

On the other hand, women are more fortunate because their fat accumulates in buttocks, legs, thighs and hips. However, there are exceptions to this.

Image Courtesy: chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure performed on obese patients for fat removal. It freezes and thereby damages fat cells in the targeted area e.g. belly.

Once frozen, the fat cells die in a process called apoptosis and are then absorbed and eliminated by body’s immune system.

All in all, coolsculpting can reduce the belly fat and thereby the risk of various diseases that belly fat can induce.

Know CoolSculpting Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or from other cosmetic clinic out there nearest to your place.

In the first place, you should not allow your body to have belly fat. If it still accumulates, you should remove it through diet and exercise, coolsculpting or liposuction procedure Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or by your trusted cosmetic clinic.

Just get rid of it and live an extended healthy life!

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