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Three Common Methods for Extracting Cannabis Concentrates

Before, there were only a few ways to consume marijuana that includes eating and smoking it. But today, it is about concentrates. Concentrates are obtained from the flower and may use various extraction methods for isolating the cannabis compounds, trichomes, and terpenes from the plant matter. They can be also tailored to your specific needs. Indeed, you can get purely CBD or purely THC concentrates with varying potencies. There are many methods to extract concentrates but the following are the most common:

Using Ethanol

A lot of providers of cannabis extraction Denver use this method. This involves soaking the dried flower in ethanol to extract the compounds. The ethanol is heated to the point of evaporation. Once the liquid has evaporated, a sticky oil is produced which can be used for making tinctures, concentrates, and edibles.

Using Butane

Extracting cannabinoid using butane is quite specific and can be highly volatile when not carried out properly. That is why only professionals should perform this method.

The process includes filling a stainless steel cylinder with a dried flower and covering one end with a fine mesh screen. Then, butane will be filled into the container. The role of butane in this method is to extract the desired compounds and oils which will slowly drop through the mesh screen. Following extraction, butane is slowly evaporated and extracted using laboratory equipment and a cooling and heating technique. The final result is the production of sticky oil that can be used for the next step in production. This extraction method is commonly used which makes it a foundation for many concentrates that include budder, shatter, oil, wax, and crumble. Cannabinoid extraction with butane is specific to the kind of consistency it produces.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

This method involves the use of a cylindrical vessel for housing the flower as well as temperature and pressure controls for forcing CO2 through the plant matter. With such pressures and temperatures, waxes, cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes are released from the flower and gather separately. To come up with various products like crumble and wax, temperatures and pressures need to fluctuate.

Whatever cannabis concentrate you want to buy, you can find one for your need and mood. The only rule you need to follow in terms of these concentrates is to consume them responsibly and begin low and slow. Also, if you want to use cannabis concentrates for medicinal purposes, talk to your doctor about it.

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